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Pool Heaters On!

Pool season is officially here at The Ranch House! Here are some things to keep in mind while you're soaking up the sun!

Snacks are available at the front office. A punch card can be purchased for $5.00. We can hold the card for you and you can send anyone in your party up to get some snacks daily from 11:00am-7:30pm! Snacks include: Otter pops, chips, fruit snacks, gold fish, cookies, and granola bars, etc. We attempt to keep a varied selection, but may occasionally run out of a specific item. All snacks are $0.50 (otter pops and fruit snacks are 2 for $0.50, and granola bars are $1).

For the enjoyment of all in the pool area, toys/objects than can go out of the users control are not allowed in the pool area. This includes balls, Frisbees, squirt guns, etc. We hold a “banned toy time” once a month which is a time to let loose with all the banned toys you want! We provide squirt guns and sometimes host a water balloon fight too. Look for detail s in future emails. Additionally, we ask that you please enjoy music with headphones, not through speakers.

Swim Diapers and Plastic Diaper Covers:

Anyone not reliably potty trained needs to wear both a swim diaper and plastic diaper cover. These are available at no charge, just ask the pool monitors or office staff. We have had trouble finding some sizes, so please purchase your own to ensure a proper fit. Stores like Target and Buy-Buy Baby sell all-in-one diapers with the plastic sewn in. In the event that an "accident" occurs, please tell staff immediately so we can minimize pool closure time.

No Lifeguard on Duty:
We hire pool monitors to keep the pool area clean, and to uphold the pool rules. Our pools are "swim at your own risk". There is no substitute for proper supervision in the pool area. We want everyone to enjoy a fun and safe summer!

Swim Attire:

Our pool and surrounding facility are a family-friendly environment. Please insure that swim attire is appropriate for this environment. 

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