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Is Your Access Card Not Working?

Is Your Access Card Not Working?


There are a number of reasons residents’ access cards may not be working: member is behind on payment of dues, member has an uncleared violation, the information we have on file is out of date, etc.

Our staff has started a file audit to insure that each address has an up-to-date access form on file and valid access card for each member of the household (14 and over). This is important for a number of reasons:

  • Many addresses do not have a form at all, which means nobody in the household has access to the pool and other facilities.
  • We need to delete cards of people who no longer reside within Whitney Ranch.
  • Older forms do not have children listed which limits our ability to provide access cards to those 14 and over in your household.
  • Many older forms have outdated phone numbers or email addresses. We are not able to reach you if we don’t have this information.
  • Older forms did not allow for nannies to be listed so they can have an access card as needed (please remember only those 18 and older can bring minors or guests into the pool area).
If you haven’t updated your access information form for a number of years, chances are we need updated information from you. To update your file, we will need the new form filled out, copies of photo IDs for everyone 14 and older (school ID is acceptable) and a piece of mail for proof of residency. If you unsure if a new form or updated information is needed from your household, contact us so we can verify and help to get your information up-to-date!

If you lost or misplaced your access card, replacement cards are available for $20.00. Cards that have stopped working, or cards over five years old can be replaced at no charge (we keep issue dates in our files).

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